Why You Should Play by the Rules If You Plan to Visit Australia

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Australia is one of the most welcoming countries in the world and it's little wonder that so many people choose to schedule a visit to Sydney, Melbourne or one of the other amazing attractions. Most of these people will get permission to visit without restriction, although they do need to apply in advance for a visitor visa. If you've never done this before you need to understand the implications and always ensure that you follow the rules. Why is this important?

Subclass 600

The majority of people will qualify for a subclass 600 visitor visa, which will allow them to enter and stay for a period of up to 90 days. Once this visa has been allocated, they can enter the country a number of times during the course of a year, so long as they stay for no more than three months in total. On occasion, the authority will specify some additional restrictions, so it's important to check the paperwork to understand the details and see whether they have indicated that the visa is valid for a certain period.

Playing by the Rules

While the authorities are welcoming so long as people stick to the rules, they are also on the lookout for those who may want to pull a fast one. It's not unusual, for example, for an individual to arrive with no intent to leave, as they will try to get a job when they are safely inside the country. Border agents are, however, trained to look out for this type of intent and if they are in any way suspicious, they can insist that an arriving passenger goes through secondary inspection.

Secondary Check

Inspectors may ask to see a smartphone or to access an arriving passenger's social media feed. They will be looking for certain types of text messages or any indication that this person may intend to overstay their visitor visa. Of course, the traveller may refuse to hand over the device or to let the authorities access their other accounts but, in this case, entry will almost always be refused. The traveller will find themselves back in the departure lounge and awaiting a seat on the next flight back to their home country.

Your Case

Most people will not endure this type of issue, however, and will be able to enter the country without any problem. Still, some others may have some unusual circumstances and would like these to be taken into consideration when applying for a visa. In this case, they should always use an experienced attorney to help them.